Socialize & Walks

Please note that we still require masks for hand offs.

This service offers your dog the chance to socialize with a Pliant Pack working dog during a walk setting. This is great for dogs who may be reactive on leash and for dogs who need to learn to ignore dogs on walks. We can also work on appropriate greetings and play during your dog's walk! All clients enrolled in the Socialize & Walk program receive monthly report cards detailing what your dog has been working on as well as additional steps to work on at home. Clients will receive video and photo updates after each walk via text message. 

All walking clients must have a free meet & greet with our Walking Coordinator prior to starting walks - this is also required for existing clients who use other services. During the meet & greet we will get to know a bit about your dog, go over walking policies, how to access your home for walks and more. To set up a meet & greet please email

Please note that in order to enroll in this program clients must commit to a minimum of three walks a month. 


30 Minute Walk: $27.50 +GST 

60 Minute Walk: $39.50 +GST

10 x 30 Minute Walks: $247.50 +GST (10% Savings)

10 x 60 Minute Walks: $355.50 +GST (10% Savings)

What People Are Saying...

"I would have never imagined that my dogs could learn and play with a couple of other dogs around. Pliant Pack creates new challenges in a safe and effective way so that the dogs can enjoy fuller more comfortable lives. Pliant Pack also sends me adorable updates of my dogs having fun (makes a nervous dog mom a lot more comfortable and able to relax!) and also invaluable feedback on their progress in their training sessions with easy to follow direction on how I can continue the work at home. I love seeing the videos and photos of how well our dogs doing on their walks, playing with new dogs or learning to socialize. I appreciate how they consider everything a learning opportunity and makes the absolute most of every minute they are together."