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Daily Check Ins

Tailored to cats and other small animals

Our daily check in service is great for the cat and small animals in your life when you're away! One of our pet first aid certified team members will come and check in on your pet while your away to feed them, maintain their cage, clean their litter box, administer medications etc. We will also of course spend time with your pets and give them cuddles and attention (okay, maybe we won't cuddle your fish). Our staff is highly trained to care for cats and other small animals and birds. Please note that we do not offer this service for dogs whose owners are away on vacation, but we do offer different boarding options for these situations. We offer free consults for new daily check in clients, contact us to book your meet and greet today!

30 minute Check In - $19.50 +GST

What People Are Saying...

"They took care of our kitties while we were away on holiday. One of our cats is diabetic and has special needs, but They handled it like a total champion! I would HIGHLY recommend Pliant Pack's services. We were gone a week but received regular status updates, pictures and even video of their progress. It helped us to feel totally at ease with leaving 'the kids'."

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