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 Board and Train

Rigorous Training Programs for Your Dog

During a Board and Train, your dog will live with a trainer in their home and receive an intensive training program designed with your training goals in mind. This allows your trainer to implement structure and management, as well as give your dog training with professional handling and timing that will help your dog learn quickly and effectively. This will make continuing their training at home much easier, as they will have a good foundational understanding of what is being asked of them. A private training session is required prior to booking a board and train for a few reasons:


- To allow the trainer and owner to get on the same page about the dog’s behaviour


- To decide on how long of a board and train will be necessary to see enough improvement for the behaviour to be manageable for the owner upon their return


- To allow the owner to work on some of the easier training or house rules prior to the board and train, which will mean the trainer will be working on the more difficult behaviours and not spending the initial several days doing things the owner may be able to do at home


Following their board and train, if the training plan given to you by your trainer is not followed, you can expect your dog’s behaviour to revert to what it was prior to the board and train. This service is not a way of getting out of putting the work into training your dog, but will make it much easier for you to continue with your dog’s training and get you set up to succeed in your training goals.

Our most common training issues addressed through board and trains include:

- Human or Dog Aggression

- House training

- Puppy Basics

- Practicing house manners and basic commands

- Leash Reactivity


Human Aggression or Separation Anxiety (Under 21 Nights) - $190+GST per night

Human Aggression or Separation Anxiety (Over 21 Nights) - $160+GST per night


Dog Aggression or Any Other Topic (Under 21 Nights) - $170+GST per night

Dog Aggression or Any Other Topic (Over 21 Nights) - $140+GST per night

Requests will be approved based on trainer availability and behaviour urgency/severity.

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