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Standard Boarding

Your dog gets to vacation in a structured, home environment.

Our Standard Boarding offers the comfort of a home environment with people you can trust with your pets! Dogs are cared for by pet first aid certified team members with training in understanding dog behaviour. We adapt our home for your dog - whether this is allowing your dog to interact with ours or creating a separate space for them to be comfortable in. Boarding dogs will receive daily exercise suitable to their own needs using outlets including group walks, individual walks, core and strength training, brain games, and mental enrichment. Please note Standard boarding does not include individualized training. Please ask about our Board & Train service if you would like to add training to your dog’s stay!


Boarding under 7 nights - $70/night +GST

Boarding over 7 nights - $65/night +GST

-each additional dog will receive 30% off their boarding price 

In order to continue accommodating each dog’s specific requirements and ensure they are in the best home for their stay, there is a new boarding charge ($20.00+GST) that may be added depending on your dog’s needs! We are adding this additional charge in order to accommodate the extra time, attention, and/or management your dog may need to be successful in its boarding environment. This additional charge will be confirmed with the owner prior to confirming boarding and will be added on a case-by-case basis.

Behaviours/Specific Requirements that may require an additional nightly charge include but are not limited to:

- Dogs that are unable to settle in a kennel or x-pen

- Dogs that are destructive when left alone

- Young puppies requiring overnight attention

- Dogs with severe separation anxiety

- High levels of reactivity to other dogs

- Dog and/or human aggression

- Severe nervousness around dogs and/or humans

- Guarding behaviours toward dogs and/or humans

- Bite and/or fight history with dogs and/or humans


Boarding under 7 nights with additional charge - $90/night +GST

Boarding over 7 nights with additional charge - $85/night +GST

*Each additional dog will receive 30% off their boarding price

What People Are Saying...

"I am so thankful for the In-Home Boarding Services offered by Leesa and Emily and their team. I have two dogs and I have used Pliant Pack boarding a number of times.  Not only do my pets get to stay in a warm “at home” environment, they also have the benefit of being cared for by professional dog trainers.  I am grateful to leave my pets in a place where they are loved in the same way that they are in their own home. This aspect of Pliant Pack’s care is priceless. I also know that Leesa is vigilant in monitoring the health of the pets in her care. Shortly after my pup’s surgery, I left her in Leesa’s care. Scout, my pup, required an unexpected vet visit. Leesa was so careful in monitoring Scout’s health. I had no worries whatsoever.  I have recommended Pliant Pack’s boarding services to all of my friends. You won’t find more loving and professional care anywhere."

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