Meet the Team

Leesa Westwood (CCPDT-KA)



Leesa began her formal training in the fall of 2014, when she adopted a dog with behavioural problems. Leesa and Hades began working with a trainer who saw her potential and brought her on as an apprentice. Over the past few years she has taken several courses and seminars and is certified as a professional dog trainer by the Certified Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). As an addition to training, she has worked with dog daycares, rescues, and pet stores, expanding her knowledge and experience in all things dog related. The science and art of dog training is an ever-changing field, and she is constantly furthering her knowledge and education to better serve her clients and the dogs she works with.

Leesa believes strongly in positive reinforcement dog training. This means that she does not use any kind of force, intimidation or fear tactics to get a dog to do what she wants. Instead, she work with your dogs natural instincts and thought processes to communicate what she wants and to teach them to make better decisions through reward based training.

Emily Lowes (CBCC-KA)



Emily is passionate about all things dog! She has been fostering and training dogs for over ten years and has worked in the pet industry for seven years. Emily is currently a member of the Wild Dogs Performance and Flyball team and competes competitively and recreationally. She has been competing in disc for the last six years and it is a sport she has become very passionate about. Emily has attended various seminars and classes and focuses on teaching your dog outlets for their energy through fun and positive training. Her dogs have several accomplishments including two lead roles in Hallmark movies, performing canine freestyle in front of thousands and travelling all across North America for performances and competitions.

She is very passionate about animal nutrition and fully believes that the best way to keep our pets healthy is to put real food in their bowl. She is also well versed in all things related to canine behaviour and loves helping fearful and reactive dogs. 

Emily recently completed her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Manitoba and plans on continuing her education of canine anatomy and holistic approaches to animal care. 

Ali Nederhoed (CCPDT-KA)

Trainer & Team Training Supervisor


When Ali first knew she wanted to work with dogs she started volunteering at different veterinary hospitals to learn as much as she could! Since then she has been working at dog daycares and in dog grooming. Ali decided that training was her passion and came on board with Pliant Pack! She is a natural with dogs and loves working with dogs with behavioural issues. She is persistent with her training and we love seeing the progress she makes when working with dogs. Ali also has a passion for holistic nutrition and health after dealing with many health issues with her dog, Rocky. Ali treats all of the dogs she meets like family!

Paige Thomas (CCPDT-KA)

Trainer & Boarding Director

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Paige Thomas loves working with every dog she meets and finds learning opportunities with all of them! She is always looking to further her knowledge and to better understand canine body language. Paige's patience makes her the perfect match for your high energy dog! Affectionately known by her co-workers as "Thomas", she is devoted to helping her rescue dog, Bennett and helping him learn! Throughout their time together Paige has grown her knowledge base on resource guarding prevention and treatment. If your dog is looking for a new best friend, Thomas is your gal! 

Hannah Roser-Dyck

Walking Coordinator

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Hannah has always loved animals, but her interest in working with dogs started more recently. When her partner, Jada, started boarding with Pliant Pack, she found she loved working with and meeting all of the dogs who come through their door. She has also had experience with all types of dogs through her volunteer work as a foster home for dogs. Being a nanny for the last 13 years has helped hone her patience and ability to work with personalities of all types. She looks forward to continuing her education and training in the dog training field. 

Hannah's leadership and organizational skills make her the perfect fit for our Walking Coordinator position. She is the friendly face you will see during your walking meet and greets and schedules your pup's weekly walks!

Mike Davis

Administrative Director


Mike is the man behind the scenes and orchestrates all of our administrative processes. If you are new to Pliant Pack or you have been a client of ours for awhile, you are sure to have communicated with Mike. Although Mike's focus is our administrative side, he also enjoys meeting our four legged clients that stay with our trainer, Emily. Mike is always the first to volunteer to work with dogs who may be unsure of men and his laid back approach helps gain the trust of the dogs he meets. Although he loves all of his pets, Mike's black cat Thimble is the light of his life! You can find her curled up next to him as he works or begging for treats in the kitchen during his lunch break. 

Mishel Grinko

Apprentice Trainer & Boarding Administrative Assistant


Mishel's love for animals started with horses and has led her to dog training! She has been working with dogs for the past five years in a boarding facility and is now pursuing dog training specifically with Pliant Pack. Mishel's knowledge of horse training has benefited her with dogs and has taught her patience with even the most stubborn of animals. Mishel enjoys working with dogs one on one and helping owners in group classes and private sessions. 

Lícia Guerra

Apprentice Trainer


Lícia has been passionate about dog behaviour since 2015 when she started studying to board dogs at her home. Her love for dogs and what motivates them led her to become a Professional Dog Trainer in 2017. 

She helped to organize, coordinate and support volunteers and their dogs during nursing home visitation, bringing the dogs and their love to elderly people.

Lícia is energetic, attentive to detail and always looks for ways to make sure the dog is comfortable during their activities.

Jada Roser-Dyck

Apprentice Trainer

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Jada has always been an animal lover! Growing up on a farm in rural Manitoba nurtured a passion for animals of all kinds. Now, living in Winnipeg, Jada continues to grow her love for animals through fostering and training dogs. Jada works specifically as a Day Stay, Boarding and Board & Train home and you can rest assured your dog will have the best time with her! Jada makes sure to focus on each dog individually while also allowing for plenty of group fun. Jada and Hannah's dog, Bear, loves making friends and greets every new friend with enthusiasm. 

Ashley Taylor

Apprentice Trainer & Boarding Administrative Assistant

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Ashley first learned about positive reinforcement training while studying behavioural psychology at the University of Manitoba. She has enjoyed combining her two loves, dogs and psychology, and found a passion for force free training! Ashley can usually be found playing fetch with her Miniature Daschund, Indie or exploring with her Spaniel mix, Sophie. She has dabbled in a few different dog sports and is always looking for different ways to provide enrichment for her dogs. She is incredibly passionate about caring for dogs and loves nothing more than helping dogs succeed! Ashley works specifically as a Day Stay, Boarding and Board & Train home. 


Brittany Glowacki

Dog Boarder

Brittany is a Pet First Aid Certified boarding house. She is always looking to continue her knowledge and has a special interest in trick training with her dog, Koda! Koda and Brittany have taken all of our online classes together and have attended in-person classes. You may also see Koda with some of our other staff as a working dog! Brittany has also completed a seminar with Dr. Ian Dunbar. 

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Lilia Johnson

Apprentice Trainer

Lilia has been passionate about dogs since she was a young child. She has volunteered for a local dog rescue at a spay and neuter clinic, as a foster and as an adoption events coordinator. Lilia previously worked in a pet store where she cared for grooming dogs and helped pet parents selecting the best supplies for their dog. Lilia is currently enrolled at the University of Manitoba for pre- veterinary medicine.

Mackenzie Neill

Apprentice Trainer

mackenzie pic.jpeg

Mackenzie's love for dogs first started when her family became a foster home for pups with Parvo Virus. She has been working at a local pet store for five years now where she has expanded her knowledge on animal nutrition. When Mackenzie isn't working hard training with your pups you can find her at home with her own crazy dogs, Gus and Heidi (as well as their four feline friends). She enjoys working with dogs with behavioural problems, specifically dogs who struggle with leash reactivity.


Emily Anderson

Apprentice Trainer

Emily's fascination with animals started while working at Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre as an Animal Rehabilitation Technician. She enjoys working with nervous dogs and helping them come out of their shells. She is currently studying biology at the University of Manitoba when she isn't working with your pups!