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Online Training

Online training fit to your schedule

Just because we are all stuck at home doesn't mean you can't be training your dog! Online training sessions are a great alternative to our in-person training during the Covid-19 pandemic. These are also a great option for people living out of town and are available to clients worldwide! Our online training sessions will include a detailed discussion of the issues you are having, demonstration of drills and behaviours to work on and detailed written notes following the session. Our goal during these sessions is to not only give owners the tools to address behaviour concerns, but the knowledge to understand why these behaviours are happening.

These sessions will be held via Zoom, a remote conferencing service that is free for our clients to use with us. These sessions can be done on your computer, tablet or phone! Sessions will be led by Emily (CBCC-KA, FFC), Leesa (CPDT-KA, FFC), Ali (CPDT-KA) or Paige (CPDT-KA). Most behavioural and training issues can be addressed through an online session. Please let us know what issues you are having when booking your session.


One Hour Session: $100 + GST

Online Session Package: $200+GST

This package includes an initial online personalized session with a trainer and access to an online class for your dog to complete determined by your trainer. After completion of the class you will have an additional session online with your trainer. This package is valued at $247! 

What People Are Saying...

"I did an online session to help introduce curious, loving puppy to her 4 siblings. Learned several training strategies to help with inpulse control and confidence. After one day I have seen a huge improvement. My shy adult dog no longer cowers or runs to hide from puppy. Infact they have played together 3 times today and I have the confidence and knowledge to properly intervene and manage playtime. Emily and Leesa are amazing trainers, and their assistant furbabys are great!"

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