Standard Walks

Not everyone has time to exercise their dogs enough and that's where Pliant Pack comes in! Our dog walkers are equipped all across the city to help exercise your dog. Obesity will shorten your pets life on average by two years. A 30 minute walk three times a week can reduce blood pressure and lower your dog's weight by fifteen percent. 

For a standard walk our dog walkers will retrieve your pet and walk them individually for the designated time. If your yard is fenced we will also allow your dog to use the "washroom" before leaving. Your dog will also be featured on our Instagram story every time they are walked. 


30 Minute Walk: $19 + GST 

60 Minute Walk: $30 + GST

The cost of an additional dog is 50% off of the cost of the original walk.

10 x 30 Minute Walks: $170.00 + GST

10 x 60 Minute Walks: $255.00 + GST

Every Additional Dog will Receive 50% Off of the Cost of Their Package

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train and walks