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Coaching Sessions

Please inform us when booking if you would like your trainers to wear masks for your session.

Coaching sessions are exclusively available to our active Train & Walk clients, those who have done a private training session within the last two months and those who have done a coaching session in the last month. If you do not qualify for our coaching sessions, please check out our In-Home Training Sessions!

Coaching Sessions for Private Training Clients

Coaching sessions are a great way to practice what you learned during your training session with one of our trainers there to help you! Your trainer will come prepared with a lesson plan tailored specifically to your dog's training plan set forth during their session. Please note that if you are booking a coaching session following a training session you will only be coached on topics covered during your session. If you are having an additional behavioural issue you will need to do another training session. 

Coaching Sessions for Train & Walk Clients

 Want to learn what to do with your dog on your walks? During your 45 minute session your trainer will demonstrate the skills used when working with your dog and also coach you through the steps.  If you are needing further help your trainer may recommend a one-on-one training session to address further behavioral or training issues.

We will now be offering two different types of coaching sessions that are both 45 minutes in length! Standard Coaching Session & Coaching Sessions with a working dog!

Standard Coaching Sessions

The standard coaching sessions are great follow up sessions to work on foundations skills, leash manners and reactivity with everyday stimulus in your area.

Coaching Sessions With A Working Dog

These are with a coach and an assistant who will be handling our working dog to use as a distraction dog to practice appropriate behaviour on leash in the presence of another dog, greeting, etc. Please notify us if your dog is working on greetings as we select specific working dogs for those sessions. For sessions that require the presence of a working dog, we charge a $20 fee. This covers our travel for picking up and dropping off working dogs, having an assistant present to handle the working dog and running the heat or A/C in our vehicles to remain in compliance with the the Responsible Pet Ownership Act bylaws.

These sessions can be booked by emailing! Sessions are offered by certified trainers and lead trainers: Leesa (CBCC-KA, FFC), Ali (CPDT-KA), Mishel (CPDT-KA), Licia, Sydney, and Lilia.


One 45 Minute Standard Coaching Session: $65+GST

One 45 Minute Coaching Session With A Working Dog: $65+GST (+ $20.00 Working Dog Fee)

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