Online Classes

Convenient classes that work with your schedule

These classes can be purchased at anytime and worked through at your own pace! Pleas email for all Online Class Inquiries. 


Puppy Manners

Price: $65.00 + GST

May 29th - June 19th

Help your dog with the basics of socialization, kennel training and manners! This class is great for puppies or new additions to the family. 

Lazy Dog

House Manners

Price: $65.00 + GST

Want your guests to be blown away by how well behaved your dog is? This online class covers helpful commands, techniques and exercises to get your dogs manners in tip top shape.


Separation Anxiety

Price: $65.00 + GST

May 29th - June 19th

Having a dog with separation anxiety can be very stressful for an owner! This online class will give you the tools to work up to leaving your dog alone. Topics covered include proper crate training, boundary training and mental exercises to help your dog learn to be alone.

Dogs with Dog Food Jar

Impulse Control

Price: $65.00 + GST

This class is great for puppies and dogs who have a tough time making good decisions on their own. If your dog likes to steal things they shouldn't, is reactive on leash or has bad manners greeting new people this class is perfectly suited for you. We will be covering different commands to use when your dog is overexcited as well as ways to help your dog make good decisions on their own. 


Tricks & Brain Games

Price: $65.00 + GST

May 29th - June 19th

Are you and your dog going stir crazy being stuck inside? This class is guaranteed to tire your pup out while providing fun and exciting new tricks that are sure to impress everyone! Each week you will receive instructions for three tricks and one brain game. Tricks covered include weave walking, bow, hoop arms and more! 


Small Terrier

Reactive Foundations

Price: $65 + GST

This class is perfect for dogs who bark at other dogs and people on leash and struggle to pay attention to their owners. We will be covering impulse control, leash manners and focus games to help with your reactive dog. 


Vizsla Dogs

Leash Manners

Price: $65.00 + GST

May 29th - June 19th

If your dog pulls on leash and struggles to listen this class is for you! This is also a great class to teach puppies how to walk on leash and prevent bad leash manners. Topics covered include foundations for heeling, loose leash walking and impulse control for busy environments!


Sport Foundations


Price: $65.00 + GST

Interested in learning more about the world of dog sports? This class covers foundations for different dog sports including frisbee, flyball, agility, and more! All equipment needed for this class can be found around the house. This class is perfect for dogs of all ages and a great way to keep your dog busy.

Veterinary & Grooming Handling

Dog Blower

Price: $65.00 + GST

This class covers cooperative care handling practices and fear free methods to make veterinary and grooming care a positive experience! This is taught by our Fear Free Certified Trainers - a program designed to use positive reinforcement for handling.