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Day Stays

A Great Daycare Alternative!

Please note that we still require masks for hand offs.

Our day stay program is designed for puppies and well-socialized dogs to spend the day playing with other dogs! These groups are kept small (five dogs maximum in a play group) and are under constant supervision by staff trained in first aid and canine behaviour. Our day stay program is structured to allow dogs to have decompression breaks and to play with a variety of dogs. This program is not for dogs who display signs of anxiety or aggression around other dogs. Owners will receive video and photo updates throughout their dog's stay! We currently have day stay homes in the West End and St. Boniface.


 $52.50 + GST

 Additional Dog* $22.75 + GST

Our Day Stay service has a maximum of 10 hours otherwise you must schedule boarding.

* Additional Dogs must be part of the same household family to qualify.

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