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Day School Program

Available for Spring and Summer 2022
In Depth One-on-One Training for Your Dog

Please Note That we Currently Have a Waitlist For Day School Assessments. Please Email to be put on a Waitlist. 

Does your dog need one-on-one attention for a specific behavioural issue? This service is led by our Certified Professional Dog Trainers and Certified Behaviour Consultant to provide a much needed resource for dogs who do not fit within the typical dog daycare model. This service is best for the following issues: 

Leash Reactivity

 lunging, barking, whining at dog, people, cars and other stimuli on walks 


Leash Manners

incessant pulling, difficulty focusing


Impulse Control 

counter surfing, stealing food, jumping up


Dog-Dog Socialization

proper greetings, settling around other dogs, confidence with new dogs

Dog-Human Interaction 

proper greetings, settling around people, confidence with new people

Environmental Exposure

dogs struggling to focus and listen in places other than home

For this service, a trainer will pick up and drop off your dog for school! Pick up time ranges from 7:00am - 8:00am and drop off times range from 1:00pm - 2:00pm. All students will meet and work together so as to generalize their skills with the ability to work with multiple handlers. The day is structured to allow appropriate breaks for dogs to decompress and settle. Decompression will be given in secure kennels in a temperature controlled vehicle.

Throughout the day your dog will have the opportunity to work in a minimum of two different environments! These environments include, but are not limited to public parks, public outdoor spaces (ie. the Forks, Assiniboine Forest), pet stores and pet friendly stores. 

Each owner will receive a detailed report following their school day with photos and videos of their training. Their report will also include what was worked on and recommendations for you to continue training going forward.



 $90 + GST

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