In-Person Private Training

Training Tailored to Your Dog and Family's Needs Held in a Public Outdoor Setting

Please note that we do not offer this service during the winter. 


Private training is a great option if you are having specific issues in your dogs day to day life. Our In-Person Private Training includes one hour of one-one training that occurs at 55 Polydore Road, Riccardo De Thomasis Park, a follow up email with detailed notes on your session and on-going support via email. This is also a great option for those with busy schedules that cannot commit to a weekly class.

Our goal during these sessions is to not only give owners the tools to address behavioural concerns, but the knowledge to understand why these behaviours are happening. Behaviour problems cannot be "solved" during a one hour session! If you are working with a trainer who guarantees results in a session it is likely that the behaviour is being suppressed, not changed. Behaviour is only changed over time through implementing proper guidance and structure through positive reinforcement based training methods. In order to see the results you want you must be willing to commit to short daily training and management tools given to you by your trainer. 

Some common reasons you may want private training are:

Aggression/nervousness towards humans

Aggression/nervousness towards dogs

Resource Guarding

Excessive barking

Bad manners with guests

Bringing home a new family member

Managing your high energy dog

General Obedience

Private training sessions can be booked to address any training or behaviour goal! Sessions are offered by Emily (CBCC-KA, FFC), Leesa (CPDT-KA, FFC), Ali (CPDT-KA) and Paige (CPDT-KA).


One hour session: $110 +GST

3 one hour sessions: 297 +GST

What People Are Saying...

"With Pliant Pack my dogs are learning to be less nervous, make friends, build confidence and take direction in a safe environment that is catered to their needs and the other dogs around. Emily & Leesa are incredibly knowledgable in dog behavior and understanding emotional needs of different dog personalities, ages and breeds. I am amazed at how in-tune they are with body language cues and managing difficult situations. I would have never imagined that my dogs could learn and play with a couple of other dogs around. Pliant Pack creates new challenges in a safe and effective way so that the dogs can enjoy fuller more comfortable lives."

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