Meet the Team

Leesa Westwood

Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

Leesa began her formal training in the fall of 2014, when she adopted a dog with behavioural problems. Leesa and Hades began working with a trainer who saw her potential and brought her on as an apprentice. Over the past few years she has taken several courses and seminars recognized by the Certified Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), taught and assisted in nearly 300 classes and workshops, taken in well over 100 dogs for boarding, training and fostering, and handled an average of 40 dogs per day. As an addition to training, she has worked with dog daycares, rescues, and pet stores, expanding her knowledge and experience in all things dog related. The science and art of dog training is an ever-changing field, and she is constantly furthering her knowledge and education to better serve her clients and the dogs she works with.

Leesa believes strongly in positive reinforcement dog training. This means that she does not use any kind of force, intimidation or fear tactics to get a dog to do what she wants. Instead, she work with your dogs natural instincts and thought processes to communicate what she wants and to teach them to make better decisions through reward based training.

Emily Lowes

Certified Behaviour Consultant Canine - Knowledge Assessed

At the age of eleven, Emily's family began to foster a dog named Hope who had severe anxiety and behavioural issues. No one could handle her energy, but all this dog wanted to do was learn and work! Emily wanted to find something to channel Hope's energy and was introduced to flyball where she found her passion for dog training.

Emily is currently a member of the Wild Dogs Performance and Flyball team and competes competitively and recreationally. She has been competing in disc for the last four years and it is a sport she has become very passionate about. Emily has attended various seminars and classes on dog obedience and frisbee and has previously taught agility, tricks and a senior enrichment class. She is very passionate about animal nutrition and fully believes that the best way to keep our pets healthy is to put real food in their bowl. She is also well versed in all things related to canine behaviour and loves helping fearful and reactive dogs. 

Emily recently completed her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Manitoba and plans on continuing her education of canine anatomy and holistic approaches to animal care. 

Mike Davis

Mike is a dog walker and dog boarder for Pliant Pack. He is currently enrolled in the Classics program at the University of Manitoba. He is passionate about animals and loves to play frisbee with the dogs! You will often find him working on leash manners with your dogs on their walks and giving them extra cuddles! 

Mindie Robinson

Mindie discovered Pliant Pack after taking our Puppy Manners class with her dog Davey! Mindie is a Pet First Aid Certified dog walker. You may see her out at training sessions with Davey or walking your beloved pooch! Mindie also loves boarding your pups in her home. 

Spencer Lowes

Spencer is a dog walker and at-home boarding attendant. He has fostered both dogs and cats for ten years and is loved by every pup he meets. His calm and happy demeanour puts every dog at ease! 

Hannah Guttormson

Hannah is currently enrolled in the Companion Animal Sciences Institute in their Advanced Canine Nutrition Program. Hannah adopted one of Leesa's foster dogs through Manitoba Underdogs and immediately enrolled Versace in our classes. Since then, she has been hooked! Hannah has experience working in dog daycare and grooming and is Pet First Aid Certified. She is a dog walker and dog boarder for Pliant Pack and you will often see her assisting in training sessions. Hannah has recently started training her dogs in flyball and disc alongside Emily! 

Brittany Glowacki

Brittany is a Pet First Aid Certified boarding house. Her dog Koda loves having friends over and has taken our classes and workshops. Brittany has also completed a seminar with Dr. Ian Dunbar. 

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